Square hole punch die

square hole punch dies set, square knockout hole punches.

Square hole punch die, square and rectangular sizes knockout hole punches, for hydraulic hole punch driver tools.


JETECO Tools make a wide range sizes of square and rectangular hole punch dies, such as 32mm*32mm, 45mm*45mm, 46mm*46mm, 92mm*92mm, 125mm*125mm, 151mm*151mm, 45mm*92mm, 70mm*51mm, and etc like that.


Sometimes, the outside of hole die can be round, also can be square, different looks, but same inner square or rectangular sizes hole punch dies.


The hole die need to be driven by hydraulic punch tool, normally, we offer hydraulic hand punch pump to operate such square knockout hole dies.


The tool can be different looks, smaller or bigger hydraulic pumps, hand pump or foot pump, also can be driven by electric motor power pack.

JETECO Tools standard square sizes hole punch die sets:


Square sizes

32mmX32mm, 45mmX45mm, 46.5mmX46.5mm, 68mmX68mm, 76.5mmX76.5mm,

 80.5mmX80.5mm, 90.5mmX90.5mm, 92mmX92mm, 113mmX113mm, 120mmX120mm, 

125mmX125mm, 151mmX151mm, and other sizes.

Rectangular sizes45mmX92mm, 48mmX28mm, 71mmX50mm, 112mmX36mm, 68mmX36mm, 60mmX50mm, and other sizes.

If you can not find the required sizes in above list, please send us an inquiry for a check. Send us inquiry, our people will be happy to reply you the availablity and prices, as well as shipping.



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