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  • foot pedal hydraulic punch tool
foot pedal hydraulic punch tool

foot pedal hydraulic punch tool

This foot pedal hydraulic pump operated hole punch driver tool, is suit for round sizes hole punch dies, square sizes, rectangular sizes hole punches.

Hydraulic foot pump punch driver tool unit, including 1200 cc oil tank hydraulic foot pump, 15 ton hydraulic punch cylinder, 1.8 meters length of hydraulic oil hose, as above picture shows.
Customers can select the required sizes of hole punch dies, to combinated together as a tool kit.

Our standard hole sizes punch dies:
Round sizes hole punch die set 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 26mm, 27.5mm, 28.3mm, 32mm,
34mm, 39mm, 43mm, 49mm, 51mm, 60mm, 61.5mm,
63mm, 76mm, 80mm, 89mm, 101mm, 114mm.
Square sizes 32mmX32mm, 45mmX45mm, 46.5mmX46.5mm, 68mmX68mm,
76mmX76mm, 80.5mmX80.5mm, 90.5mmX90.5mm, 92mmX92mm,
113mmX113mm, 120mmX120mm, 151mmX151mm.
Rectangular sizes 45mmX92mm, 51mmX70mm, 60mmX50mm, 100mmX50mm,

Also, we can make other sizes according your need.

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